Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Subtle Symphonies

I've been known to shut my eyes when listening to beautiful music, the music that quickens the pulse but relaxes the spirit, the music that often brings tears to those closed eyes. From the rhythms of dancing Gypsies along a Romanian river to a waltz of flowers to the soothing sway of a nocturne, music can be subtle as a whisper or bring thunder from the heavens on Bald Mountain.

I've been known to shut my ears when the wondrous beauty of day and night dance with each other. I've watched the golden fire of the sun quenched in Lake Superior, only to see the silver ghost of the moon rise in response, plunging all into blue and indigo, flashing on the waves. Our own attempts at pushing back the night, stars shining up counterpoint the stars twinkling down, and the moving lights of vehicles become a river of stars. Morning sun plunging through the misty forest sings a mighty tune, and the subtle music of the heavens touches my soul. There is music all around to see and to hear, to taste and to smell, and to hold in the palm of your hand.


Subtle Symphonies

The music of the heavens calls to me,
Although, I'm certain, not to me alone.
Could day and night play such a symphony,
And leave unchanged all human minds but one?
Kaleidoscopic patterns in the night,
Send subtle, lifting, drifting, shifting hues,
In dancing shadowed, brilliant, flashing bright
Layers, all laced with deepest velvet blues.
Silver patinas grace the soft twilight,
As woodwinds, whispering of melodies
To come, infused with brilliant brass so bright.
A golden fanfare strumming through the trees,
Whose softly mellow chords that warm my eyes,
Build satin rhythms, blue and red to see,
The fiery tarantella of sunrise.

Else silver turns to pewter and the strain,
Becomes the rumbling, bumbling beat of drums,
The soaring strings in weeping of the rain,
Flash quicksilver in lightning's brilliant thrums.
The waltz begins, as fanfares clear the skies,
And rainbow chords play complex harmonies.
The sun and clouds weave music for the eyes,
And soothe my soul with subtle symphonies.

Mick McKellar
May 2011

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