Sunday, May 29, 2011

Silent Smile

Did you ever watch someone read a letter and try guess the contents from the expression on his or her face? For some messages, the general nature of the contents is readily apparent -- especially strong emotions. Good news brings a grin, a chuckle, or a laugh. Bad news can show as anger or sadness. The one I like best, I call the silent smile.

Reading a letter from a friend that touches your heart and makes you feel warm and loved evokes a joy in your soul and an uplift to your spirit that softens the aspect of your face, and nearly always brings about a tender look in the eyes and uplift at the corners of the mouth...the silent smile.


Silent Smile

I watched her read a letter from a friend,
Her eyes moved back and forth at quickened pace.
I wondered if before she reached the end,
The contents could be read upon her face.
Sometimes her eyes would backtrack and re-read,
A word or passage slowly, carefully,
Or jump ahead with incredible speed,
To stop and gaze at something thoroughly.
Her face relaxed a little as she read,
And gentle tenderness filled her brown eyes,
To silently back what her soft smile said.
And though each fleeting aspect often hies,
A loving look will linger for awhile;
Knowing you're loved begets a silent smile.

Mick McKellar
May 2011

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