Wednesday, May 25, 2011


How often I have heard folks tell me that, life is a journey and I should enjoy the ride. I suppose, like most Type A's early on, I was just like the people who built the expressways and superhighways across America. My focus was on the destination, not on the journey to the destination. Then, I got my first motorcycle and I learned quickly two very important lessons. First I learned that I did not like riding a small motorcycle on the expressway. Second, that it is important to enjoy the ride.

I no longer ride a motorcycle, but I have learned to enjoy the ride. All of life is a journey and I want my life to be that journey, punctuated with the spice and bitters of destinations along the way. If my life were just about destinations, more than half of it would be missing. Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride.



I slept, and dreamt that I was on a train.
The coach in which I rode had no window.
I could not tell the weather, sun or rain,
Had no idea where the train would go.
The coach was larger, ever than I thought,
And it held more people than I could see.
All held tickets just like the one I bought,
Some were short, some were long, and none like me.
Folks got on and got off, I know not where,
And so, to pass the time, I made some friends,
Yet, when I turned around, they were not there.
So, I often asked when the journey ends.
They said I'd know, I'd feel it, deep inside,
In the meantime, I should enjoy the ride.

Mick McKellar
May 2011

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